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Binu and the Great Wall

Binu And The Great Wall is a wonderful myth retold in the words of Su Tong, the author of ‘Rice’.  The myth of Binu and how her tears washed away the Great Wall have been passed down through the ages. It is a tale of hardship, brutality and undying love. Su Tong’s version of the myth, brings to the reader the harshness and brutality that led to the constuction of the wall and the terrible effects it had on the common people.

19 février 2008 2 19 /02 /février /2008 03:10
This incident got wide coverage where a disabled man was seen to be dumped out of his wheelchair by a deputy. His 'crime' was a traffic violation. My question is - Do the police get disability equality training? Could it happen here in the UK?

A friend of mine had to report to the police because his PA left to go back to his home country without informing him and stole cash out of his drawer. The police came and said it would be reported as a hate crime. My initial thought was that he did not do it out of hate but then his name will now be on a list and if he came back to this country, he will never be in that position with vulnerable people. So that should be recorded.

Its inexcusable to steal from your employer and even more so if he's disabled. Robbery is a form of violation even if you do not know the perpetrators and so much worse if it is by somebody you trusted. That goes for whether the victim is disabled or non disabled - my question is how would the police have reported it if my friend had not been disabled? Would it have been different?

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