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Binu and the Great Wall

Binu And The Great Wall is a wonderful myth retold in the words of Su Tong, the author of ‘Rice’.  The myth of Binu and how her tears washed away the Great Wall have been passed down through the ages. It is a tale of hardship, brutality and undying love. Su Tong’s version of the myth, brings to the reader the harshness and brutality that led to the constuction of the wall and the terrible effects it had on the common people.

20 mai 2008 2 20 /05 /mai /2008 22:58
In the UK, previous campaigners before me have fought hard and won the Disability Equality Discrimination legislation - it gave us certain rights such as the right not to be refused access ( with " reasonable  accomodation"  thrown in as a loophole) . As someone who arrived in the UK after the battle, so to speak, was won, I am thrilled by it and think what a wonderful right. It is a not perfect as a piece of legislation but it is there - like democracy, enshrined in legislation. And all the other legislations like the Disability Equality Duty, enforceable since December 2006 on public bodies. This means there is a legal duty on all public sector organisations to promote equality of opportunity for disabled people.

But of course, very often, it is the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law which is enforced and too often, this right of access is not challenged by disabled people when their rights are abused - such as where a building or service is ' non compliant' with the DDA. It is not easy, it is up to the individual to fight the case for her/himself very often. Advice lines are available such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission helpline but not many know the process and feel intimidated by the complications and fearful of the expense of a legal case or going to court.

Scott Rains (of Rolling Rains Report) had picked up my blog entry about the Shine Unconference  - he  wrote

I would have expected better of organizer and participants like Ashoka. Clearly, if they do have Fellows or staff with disabilities they are not being put in positions of authority sufficient to represent the community they are part of. If the temporarily able-bodied social entrepreneurial class in London had been onboard with the project of social inclusion and accessibility this post could have been about all the good accomplished at the Shine UnConference.

As it stands, I haven't a clue what was accomplished because "I" couldn't attend.

I understand that these social entreprises (like Ashoka and UnLtd) are not  public bodies so I cannot  expect them to have Disability Equality Schemes and involved disabled people in their  design of programmes and organisation  but  it still leaves me disappointed when I read that  the in the NoLimits the Unltd magazine - the quarterly magazine for Millenium Winners - where the lead is on How to organise and run  successful events, there was no mention of  accessibility  and  not much  more on  health and safety. 

Am I on  sour gapes when I  ask if all these  social entrepreneurs  are  on their shining armours  but they do not think to include disabled people like me? They would say but we did not mean to exclude you - but surely, then they should be more pro active in  the provision of facilities.

I know  UnLtd  have  awarded  grants to  disabled people and they  have been featured  but  who wouldn't  want to  be seen as having benevolent to  ' the disabled'  but  why do I  catch a whiff of  the odour of colonisation?  All  I know is that it stops me from asking  them for  funding for myself, stupid I know but I would feel uneasy about taking their money - yes, I know I should rant and let them know but I am weary and maybe I am not hungry enough....there is a point when you get fed up of saying hey, you forgot me....it might be time for me to go fight different types of battles. Not to spoil it for others who do not see what I am ranting about. Its easier to fight big bad wolves we know than those individuals " with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems. They are ambitious and persistent, tackling major social issues and offering new ideas for wide-scale change."

We should have no fight with them. They are our allies.

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