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Xiaolu Guo
A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
A love story - cultural differences, misunderstandings and yes, I see what she is saying.
Su Tong
Binu and the Great Wall

Binu and the Great Wall

Binu And The Great Wall is a wonderful myth retold in the words of Su Tong, the author of ‘Rice’.  The myth of Binu and how her tears washed away the Great Wall have been passed down through the ages. It is a tale of hardship, brutality and undying love. Su Tong’s version of the myth, brings to the reader the harshness and brutality that led to the constuction of the wall and the terrible effects it had on the common people.

2 juin 2008 1 02 /06 /juin /2008 21:22
Not in West Orchards, Coventry, certainly. I was there today by chance because the Post Office has moved to WH Smith's in West Orchards. And being peckish, I wandered in to the Terrace food court, decided to avoid the usual KFC's and McDonalds and saw Harpers with its Yorkshire Pudding. I love Yorkshire pudding from what I remember it to be from my days in Harrogate but what I got serve up is not Yorkshire Pudding...

Anybody can tell me where I can get good English grub this neck of the woods?

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21 octobre 2006 6 21 /10 /octobre /2006 01:08
I really like living next door to Coventry market. On a Saturday afternoon, the traders do a roaring trade with really cheap fruits and vegetables to close the week. You can get a basket of fruit and vegetables for 50 pence. I really overdid it today, I bought a melon for 75 pence, several bananas for 25 pence a pound, 3 figs and guavas for a pound, 2 papayas and some plums. I also got some peppers, some cod cheeks and a wild rabbit
Fruits from the market

I panfried the cod cheeks with dried chillies and some soya sauce, added coriander and they were very delicious. I am not at all good at cutting up meat any more - the store owner (he sells fish as well as game) said he had already started the cleaning process and couldn't cut it up for me. So I grilled the whole rabbit with lots of pepper, and some dark soy. I felt like Asterix and Obelix when I tore into the flesh. There is something primeval about it. Apologies to my vegetarian friends!

the grilled rabbit
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14 août 2006 1 14 /08 /août /2006 17:48
I went with John to Birmingham on Monday and we ate at Cafe Soya. The food is excellent , the service is quick and just as important, the restaurant is spacious and uncluttered.

The menu choice is good - I like the noodles and a special favourite is the wings with Szechuan peppers. But their hall mark dish is, of course, soya based.

soya dessert and soya bean milk

I had the soup hor fun - it is definitely worth a visit.
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10 janvier 2005 1 10 /01 /janvier /2005 00:00
Susie and Manu and their kids, Eloise and Raphael came to dinner. It was good to see them – as Susie reminded me, she broke her waters after dinner in this apartment just before I left to study in USA four years ago. So Raphael is now four years old. I made a red cooked pork dish – it’s a shin pork left simmering in a rich sauce made with soy sauce, some leftover red wine (I added that, not in normal recipes) and ginger and lots of pepper corns. This is my own version of red cooked pork. And it is not meant to let boiled dry neither. I got involved in writing something and forgot to check the liquid level. I added a Chinese cabbage with black bean sauce and continued the simmering with the rescued pork on top. We had fried rice – with eggs and French flat parsley - and water cress and strawberry salad (with an olive oil balsamic vinegar dressing) with it.
strawberrywater cress tulip

We had a very good burgundy and finished with another gallette des rois. Eloise got the fève and was queen. Susie brought me my first tulips of the year. We caught up with news and they invited to go and stay at their house which is very nice in the country. They do have a lot of stairs but Susie thinks it will be fine.
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9 janvier 2005 7 09 /01 /janvier /2005 00:00
Today Marisol and Catherine came for lunch. I made roast lamb with aubergines (eggplants) and courgettes (zucchinis) . I think it is an old French recipe that I got somewhere. A paste of French mustard, olive oil, crushed garlic (lots) and soya sauce is painted on the lamb and roasted in an oven slowly – a crust is formed and there is a delicious aroma which fills the house. I did the aubergines in the oven too with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice. Otherwise the aubergines take up too much oil in a pan. I pan fried the courgettes later adding the aubergines and left it to simmer a bit with more lemon juice. We ate it with basmatic rice, a burgundy and for dessert, Catherine had brought a gallette des rois because it was Epiphany today. John came too and he got the  fève, the little thing that means that he gets the crown and be the king.

gallette des roi

The Gallette des Rois, a thin and round flaky pastry disc filled with frangipane, with a single fève hidden inside is the traditional food for Epiphany. The gallette des rois is usually purchased (this one from Galleries Gourmande) with a cardboard crown wrapped around -- the finder of the fève is crowned king (or queen) for the day - and if celebrated with with friends, the winner is obligated to purchase the next gallette des rois. Although fève literally translates as 'bean', it's a little ceramic figurine or something similar. Some people make it their special collection. Marisol and Catherine are great friends and I was very touched in that they cleared up and watered my plants and cleaned up the balcony for me. I cannot get out onto the balcony because there is a ledge ever since they replaced all the windows in the building.
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