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Here are some of my photos. This shows some of my travels.


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Books I am reading

Xiaolu Guo
A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers
A love story - cultural differences, misunderstandings and yes, I see what she is saying.
Su Tong
Binu and the Great Wall

Binu and the Great Wall

Binu And The Great Wall is a wonderful myth retold in the words of Su Tong, the author of ‘Rice’.  The myth of Binu and how her tears washed away the Great Wall have been passed down through the ages. It is a tale of hardship, brutality and undying love. Su Tong’s version of the myth, brings to the reader the harshness and brutality that led to the constuction of the wall and the terrible effects it had on the common people.

Top articles

  • Disability rights in France: a day at the CEP, using GIHP and COTOREP

    28 novembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    Dominique, a French Alsacian wheelchair user, told me that I should attend a day of information about the law and the disabled at the CEP. He is a translator (French/ English and German) and I ve known him and his wife for some time. He also said that...

  • cross cultural disability issues, a dinner to catch up from 25 years and weekend luncheons!

    05 décembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    I nearly missed the train to Paris this Tuesday. However the SNCF staff at Strasbourg came up trumps - they got me on the train. I am supposed to be there half an hour before the train is due out but one thing or another I was delayed. And I had not got...

  • afternoon meetings

    09 décembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    This afternnon I had a meeting with Brian W from the University - I wanted a few answers about how to get my degrees into a kind of equivalent status. I've known Brian before - he's helped me by giving me access to the university's English department...

  • last course - reflections

    17 décembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    This is the last course. Henri-Jacques Stiker was there with Cathy and we had an evaluation of sorts. I enjoyed this class most - people spoke what they felt. Some people spoke when they had not done so before. We had drinks afterwards in the bar across...

  • Christmas Eve at the Hilaires!

    24 décembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    I have been waiting for John to go with me to buy a Christmas tree. I still have this old fashioned notion that a Christmas tree is to be decorated on Christmas eve and it is a family activity. John baulked at the idea and he said there were no more trees...

  • lunch with good friends and on the dangers of a kitten from a wheelchair user perspective

    30 décembre 2004 ( #ewheeling )

    I was checking my mail when Morphy, who was sitting behind me on the head rest of my chair -his favourite position, send out a paw to get my attention and poked me in my eye! Aiyaiyai! that was painful. After a while, I started sending out phonecalls...

  • The journey to l'AFPA

    05 janvier 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    I knew I had an appointment with l'AFPA (Association Nationale pour la Formation Professionnelle) at 2pm to discuss my French lessons. The lady gave me all the instructions how to get there-including bus numbers. I decided against using GIHP. The tram...

  • Going to the vet and Puteri Gunung Ledang

    19 février 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    Morpheous doesn't seem to be eating much-its not like him. And it seems to be time for him to go to the vet for that "special operation" castration. Anyway the vet's receptionist said there was a free slot. So I rang John and got ready to go with Morphy-not...

  • Easter virgil at Strasbourg Cathedral

    27 mars 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    My local parish church has merged with another - its been happening for a long time. And most of the important services are held in the Christ Resusité which is rather inaccessible. I wanted to go to the Easter Virgil. It is the most dramatic of services...

  • Bits from my holiday in Malaysia

    06 septembre 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    I left in mid August and flew with Singapore Airlines - it all went smoothly - there was about 60 films to choose from so i did not sleep at all. The worse of the haze from indonesia had lifted and i was met at the airport by my brother and the kids and...

  • Freedom drive Strasbourg - people with disabilities rally at the European Parliament

    09 septembre 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    Back in Strasbourg with a bang - I was only one day from Malaysia/ Singapore when I got involved in the freedom drive. Here are some links to the event- http://www.vie-independante.org/ (French) http://www.indymedia.ie/newswire.php?story_id=71786 (EN)...

  • ramps or no ramps

    02 juillet 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    Today Naomi and I packed a picnic and set out for Memorial Park. It is the biggest park in Coventry and looks suitably big on the map. It didnt take very long to get there - however, it was harder than expected because we could not find dips or ramps...

  • A warm weekend

    02 juillet 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    I have always functioned better when it is warm - not hot and humid but warm in the higher 20's C. Suddenly my energy level seems to go up and I am more positive in my outlook. Colleagues in the office have the fans on and they wilt in the heat. To be...

  • En Coventry hace mucho calor

    20 juillet 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    Its warm at the moment. It seems appropriate that we are doing Spanish lessons. I enrolled Naomi and I into holiday Spanish lessons - and made some new freinds. Or Naomi did. Meanwhile I started swimming again and joined the Wellness club at the local...

  • Coventry to Epsom in 5 hours!

    06 août 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    It should'nt have taken that long but it did. I had wanted to see Jane for some time now and with Naomi since Jane is her godmother, it seems like a good idea. I did the recommended thing..I rang the Rail Enquiries for assistance as recommended and booked...

  • One to one - personal training at the Sports Centre

    06 août 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    I knew I had to do some exercise to stay reasonably fit but did not have a clue where to go. Its not like I can turn up at my local gym for keep fit classes. I was very happy to find that when I joined the Wellness membership at the Coventry Sports and...

  • Coventry on Sunday

    03 septembre 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    Coventry on sunday is a very boring place. The shops open at 10 am but not the restaurants. It has something to do with the Sunday trading laws- they are not allowed to be open more than 6 hours or something so the only places to eat at are pubs...or...

  • Sunday drive

    10 septembre 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    It was another lovely Sunday. Gian took me out for a drive to Moreton in Marsh which is in the Cotswolds. Looks very English but for some reason it made me think of some of the small touristy towns in Texas. Because we got there after 2 pm , nobody was...

  • Spanish holiday

    24 septembre 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    I've never been to southern Spain. For a short weekend break, I visited Peter who had recently bought a house in southern Spain. Paula was supposed to be there too (she missed her flight though, the poor girl) However his house has not completed its renovations...

  • The Italian Riveria

    08 octobre 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    I didnt really know what to expect from this holiday. I flew into Nice airport on Thursday evening. My 3 mobile connection do not seem to work in Nice - it works in Spain and Italy but not in France (not this part of France apparently).I find Nice very...

  • Roman weekend

    12 novembre 2006 ( #ewheeling )

    I went for a short weekend to Rome - to meet up with John, my godfather, to celebrate our birthdays together. John was a formative influence in my youth and he was a mentor and all sorts, listened to all my teenage woes and shared with me his philiosophy,...

  • ICHIM Paris, Rimini and on the move again

    14 octobre 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    I thought I better write a quick note before too long. So much has happened-so much is happening..where does one have time to record... ICHIM Paris was very good. This is me at the BnF (the famous book ends) with Marianne Serra Marianne worked incredibly...

  • In Coventry now

    07 décembre 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    At the ruins of the Coventry Cathedral Well it's been nearly 5 months now. Its been a mad time. British Telecoms did not allow me broadband till a week ago. I wrote an entry but it did not get posted here yet. Its been hectic getting settled into a new...

  • my first week in Coventry

    07 décembre 2005 ( #ewheeling )

    written beginning November... back in Strasbourg before the move and the window in the lving room in the flat my bedroom Naomi in the flat One week in Coventry now… Martin and Jon came over and did a marathon drive to Strasbourg in a hired van to pick...

  • Over Easter

    29 avril 2007 ( #ewheeling )

    April proved to be a difficult month. I had a cold and then a temperature which would not go away and made all my joints ache. I spent most of Easter in bed. I watched more tv than I have ever done. Some salesmen from SKY came to sell me more tv channels....

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